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Tree House Project – Make It Last

tree house projectBuilding a tree house for your family is a great project. Whether you choose a basic design or get your architectural juices going for a grand scheme, you’ll want to pay attention to the details. This way, you’ll end up with a wonderful hideout and play area for your children (perhaps for you too) to enjoy for years to come.

From the very start, you will need to pick the right tree for your tree house. Take a look around at the tree options on your property. A healthy tree that isn’t too old or too young would be your best choice. Also look for a tree with a sturdy trunk and strong branches for support and look to balance your the tree house in the tree as to not put too much weight on one side as well as no signs of disease.

TreeHouse project planningIn addition, do your homework about any local regulations about building a tree house. Some communities require a building permit for any outside construction. Also check with your insurance agent to see if a tree house will be covered under your homeowner’s insurance or any premium increases. Lastly, you may want to speak to your neighbors about your tree house project as a common courtesy.

Now the fun part! Choosing a design for your tree house is exciting. Whether you discover a tree house design on the internet, in a book, hire professional builder or create a design of your own, you will want to have all the details planned out before your start. Years from now, you’ll be glad that you did your best work ahead of time to really make your tree house last!

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