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Tree House – Plan to Make Memories

Charming Tree HouseDid you have a tree house when you were growing up? Maybe you never actually had your own tree house, but you always wanted one for your children one day. Tree houses are a great way to make a special place for you and your children to create wonderful childhood memories. However, slapping a few boards around a tree trunk isn’t exactly the most secure platform for your children. You’ll want to do your homework first to make a safe environment for everyone.

You’ll find that most people make tree houses by building a solid platform for the base. Depending on the tree that you’ve chosen for the tree house, you should look for sturdy branches that will support the platform. You can also add struts or stilts for additional support of the base. Moreover, stilts will help relieve the full strain of the tree house upon the tree.

Tree-House-on hillThe final design of the rest of the tree house is entirely up to your imagination. Do you want windows and a door for your tree house? or will you create steps or have a ladder leading up to the platform? or what will be the dimensions of the finished tree house? All these details should be planned ahead of time before you begin building.

Overall, making a tree house is a wonderful project for you and your children. When your tree house is complete, you and your family will have a great retreat especially your children and create priceless childhood memories last for life time!

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