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Time to Move ? moving Tips Part 1

Time to Move and ChangeWhenever it’s time to move into another home, I always feel excited and a bit overwhelmed at the same time. All the specific details of the move and the knowledge that I need to pack everything up again begins swimming around in my brain. Truthfully, sometimes I am motivated to clear out old items while other times I just want to lie down and take a nap!

So, how do you stay on task to get everything done? I’ve found that every big project is easier to handle by (1) breaking it down into smaller steps and (2) creating deadlines for everything on the “To Do” list. Even though planning out your move may take a little thought, having an action plan to follow takes the burden of the move off your mind.

moving tipsStart by pulling out your calendar and writing in the deadlines that you know are set in stone first. For instance, you probably have specific dates to move out of your old place and into your new home. Depending on the distance between these two locations, you’ll have to take into account the travel time for moving as well.

Once the main dates are set, then the rest of the details can begin to take their places. Tasks such as setting up your new mailing address with post office close out old and open a new utilities, cable and internet services for your new home can be handled all before your moving day.

A great goal is to do as much as you can before the actual move!

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