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Selling your house in Florida ? Put Your Game Face On

selling house sure shotSo why do I need to put my game face on when selling house in Florida ?  There’s nothing like going to a live sports game! You can tell that the players on the team are energized when the stands are full of cheering fans. After long practices and private training sessions, the feeling of showing off one’s talent in front of an enthusiastic crowd is invigorating. With a positive competitive spirit in the air, both teams usually enter the arena before a game with excitement and vitality.  Got the drip ?

When it comes to selling your house, think of it as putting your game face on. Perhaps you’ve worked hard on fixing up the property and now you’re ready to make your move. On the other hand, if you’ve decided that you’d like to sell your home “as is” without any effort, in today’s market you probably won’t have much success. With this current economy presenting your home in the best possible light will help you much more than slapping a “For Sale” sign on your front yard. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to invest in your home to get it ready, there are a few simple things that can help, you can see my other blogs. For instance, anyone can clean up their house and yard to make it look presentable.

As any successful team knows, the better you practice, the better you’ll be on game day. When you are ready to present your home, you’ll most likely feel better if you have done your part to get ready for the big day!

However there is other options.  We are not real estate agents nor broker, we purchase in “as is” condition that means little wait time, no cleaning, maintenance or repair.   “Direct” equal right to the source and we offer fast closing no commission to pay.  Visit or call (321) 251-5999 now.

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