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Make Move to Own your Home in Central Florida

If you have found yourself sitting on the sidelines and wondering whether now is the right time to buy and own your home, or whether you should perhaps wait awhile, there are many advantages home ownership offers over renting. Renting is often not as … [Read more]

Indulge Your Senses during this holidays

I have discovered over the years that when I indulge my senses during the holidays, I create a vivid and memorable experience for my family. I like to plan for every aspect of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch that I can. When I engage all of our … [Read more]

Home Sales on the Rise in Brevard County Florida

According to recent statistics, sales in Brevard County, Florida are on the rise from what they were just one year ago. Bolstered by a strong economy, the local population is also booming. Combined, these factors make it an excellent time to consider … [Read more]

Selling your house step by step during this holiday season

I heard a joke once that really made me think long and hard. “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer is simply, step by step  “One bite at a time!” When it comes to any Large Goal, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed. However, just like the joke infers, … [Read more]

It is holiday season now, hosting a get together

With the upcoming holiday season, try making some great memories by hosting a get together. From small, informal gatherings to large, formal parties, inviting guests over to enjoy themselves creates lasting friendships. Now before you start panicking … [Read more]

Don’t Be a Humbug !

Humbug?  If you’ve ever seen any version of the Charles Dickens’ classic tale “A Christmas Carol”, then you’ll recognize the saying “Bah! Humbug!” In the story, Ebenezer Scrooge is a wealthy man, but also very miserable and lonely. I always pay … [Read more]