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Owner Financing- Begin Building Memories in your Own Home

Providing a safe environment is at the top of the list for most parents, but many may feel their options are limited due to a poor or non-existent credit history. If you are tired of paying rent and interested in becoming part of a community where you can raise your family and build memories, there are other options available. There are homes available for purchase through a variety of financing options regardless of your credit history. Owner financing has rapidly become a popular financing option in recent years. This option provides advantages to both sellers and buyers. Sellers are able to quickly sell their homes and move on with the next phase of their lives, while buyers are able to purchase a home faster than they thought possible.

One of the primary advantages to this type of option is that you do not have to wait until your credit is established enough to be approved for a mortgage loan. Furthermore, you may well find that the closing costs for an owner-financed property are much less expensive than through traditional bank financing. This makes it possible for you to move into your new home and begin building memories with your family much faster than you might have imagined. There are now properties available throughout the state of New Mexico. Whether you are interested in purchasing your first home or you need a larger home for an expanding family, it is possible to achieve your dream of home ownership regardless of your credit situation.

Because we own the homes many times depend on your circumstances, we are willing to finance ourselves..  Visit join our VIP Buyer List or call (321) 251-5999 for more details how we can fulfill your needs.

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