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New Year’s Resolutions – Have an Accountability Partner

Are you ready to stick with your New Year’s resolutions this year? Whether you plan on losing weight, exercising more, quit smoking, or getting more organized, asking someone to check your progress is another way to help you stay with your plan.

Popular New Year Resolutions and GoalsSo, who can you ask ? I suggest that it is a special person that will help you stay accountable to your resolutions. Do you have a best friend that won’t let you quit? Perhaps a family member or a coworker will be ready to make sure you continue on your goals. Or even a health professional or a support group is also a great choice for accountability partners.

On the other hand, this special person you shouldn’t ask someone who will let you off the hook easily. If you have a friend who likes to listen to your problems and never offers any constructive criticism, they may not be comfortable with becoming an accountability partner. If you truly want to make your New Year’s resolutions a reality, then you need someone who will be honest with you.

Accountability Friend give helping handHaving a game plan for your resolutions is the first step, but choosing an accountability partner is just as important. Too many times we can make excuses for not sticking to our plan, but knowing that other people are watching you definitely helps you keep to your goals.

Whatever your resolutions are for coming 2014, you can persevere better when you have a accountability partner who keeps you on track. So find your special person whom can help you achieve your goals soon!

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