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Moving to new home soon? moving Tips Part 2

move to new home Move to new home ? with your moving day approaching quickly, tell yourself not to panic! Now’s the time to stick to your action plan and get things done before any deadlines you have set. Depending on the size of your current home and the size of the home you’re going to, you may need to downsize a bit or take extra time to pack up your 5-bedroom house. Either way, be honest with yourself when you analyze what you have and what you need to pack up.

For me, packing up is one of the hardest parts of moving to another home. To help make things easier, I’ve narrowed down the process of packing into three major categories –(1)  throw away junk  (2) give away items and (3) necessary things to keep for the next home.

celebrate movingEach category requires a different container to keep things organized. For throw away stuff, I put them in either the trash bin or the recycle bin. Give away items go into boxes for friends or the Goodwill store. My essential things get packed into sturdy boxes if they are immediately going into the new home or plastic bins if they need to go into storage.

One more thing I found it helps me is take photos of contents for every box before you seal it. Be sure add your box number for quick access for the future perhaps can save you some time.

Once everything is organized, moving day is not so overwhelming. Obviously, you’ll want to label things along the way so your important kitchen items don’t get put into storage or sent to recycling! In the end, you’ll be glad that you took the time to get organized before moving day.

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