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May Your Days Be Merry and Bright

Family celebrate Christmas-dinnerBe Merry and Bright.  Every year I make my family watch “White Christmas” something about this classic movie just simply and easy get you into the holiday spirit! I know that my family only humors me by sitting through all the song and dance numbers, but I absolutely love it! After our annual viewing, I’m ready to decorate indoor and outdoor, make the Christmas cookies, pie and shop without complaining.

Be Merry and BrightThis holiday season, try to find that ONE thing that brings joy to your heart. Perhaps watching a favorite movie is what sparks your holiday spirit. You may enjoy Christmas caroling with your best friends or driving around town to see some beautiful light displays. If you’re trying to find a religious meaning to the season, look into Christmas Eve services at local churches.

Another great idea perhaps to make your holiday more meaningful is finding charities where you can give your time and/or money. I always see “Toys for Tots” bins in several locations, Salvation Army, your local pantry to feed the poor,  as well as other meaningful charities like your local churches. There are plenty of people who are less fortunate that could use a helping hand this Christmas. By donating gifts, money, clothes or time to others, you’ll discover a special feeling that will sustain you through the holidays!

Overall, find out what makes this season special for you and your family. The joy is in the journey of the season! Make memories, take pictures, sing with a happy heart and enjoy those Christmas cookies with your friends and family. As I quote from my favorite movie, “May your days be merry and bright!”

From the team of Homepad Properties llc. we wish you, your family and friends all have a fabulous holiday!

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