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How to Make Outdoor Fall Memories

Outdoor Fall MemoriesAlthough Florida is warm all year around compared with other States, fall is one of my favorite times of the year! And if you are living in Brevard County Florida with the cooler weather finally breaking through summer’s heat, it seems like the outdoors is calling me to enjoy the shorter days and longer nights. From the football games to a hike through the woods, autumn is a celebration of color, sounds, and smells!

Wherever I have lived over the past few years, I’ve always tried to create wonderful fall memories. From apartment living to a large home with plenty of acreage, making outdoor fall memories doesn’t have to be expensive or outlandish.

For example, if you live in an apartment, try decorating your patio or deck with pumpkins, fall leaves, and garden mums. Perhaps you live in a townhome and have to share a backyard space. Well, invite your neighbors over for a “tailgater” party in your backyard! Who knows, maybe you can cheer for the same college or professional football teams.

Even if you have a large yard and want to make a beautiful display for the neighborhood, go for it! I’ve seen gorgeous fall creations with hay bales, scarecrows, pumpkins, and garden mums for everyone who drives through community to enjoy. Having a marshmallow roast over a fire pit is another great way to light up the longer, cooler evenings.

The most important part of fall is learning to enjoy this pretty season and sharing it with others.

Whatever size home or yard you may have, take time to make those fun outdoor fall memories!

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