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It is holiday season now, hosting a get together

Hosting Christmas thanksgivimg dinnerWith the upcoming holiday season, try making some great memories by hosting a get together. From small, informal gatherings to large, formal parties, inviting guests over to enjoy themselves creates lasting friendships. Now before you start panicking over that perfect event, it’s best to start small and work your way up to the bigger events!

I admit that I’m not a “Martha Stewart” when it comes to hosting parties. But I’ve discovered that people would rather spend time with you than be amazed by your perfect decorations. So begin with what you’re good at. Even if that means you can call a local Chinese restaurant or order some pizza delivered to your door, then so be it. At least you can start somewhere!

Another good place to start is with a potluck. If you ask your guests to bring over something to share with the group, then everyone feels like they are participating in the event. I would also suggest that you ask your friends what they’d like to bring so you don’t end up with too much of one thing. Using powerful email to communicate is what I do.  For instance, if you want to pick a “Theme” like football game finger foods, then that can give everyone a good idea about what dish to choose for the party.

Overall, the idea is to Enjoy having friends over to share in a fun event and celebrate the holidays. By opening up your home, you’re actually sharing a bit of yourself with friends and family. So, relax and enjoy!

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