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Florida Homeowner or not, gearing Up for the Holidays

Florida Homeowner HolidaysWOW ending of the year and the holiday season is upon us to gearing up for the holidays ! It always amazes me each year when November rolls around, right about this time I finally get use to it putting the 2013 on my check book.  Before I get a sense of panic that time is slipping away too fast, I like to take a few minutes and get mentally prepared for the upcoming festivities. Like any big project, I find that if I come up with a plan, I feel much better.  Try it.

Some people wait all year for the October, November, and December. On the other hand, other people dread this time. With all the commercialism involved with the holidays, it can seem a bit too much. So, how can you gear up for the season this year? Preparation is the key!

Homeowner christmasTake a good look at your calendar and decide what you’d like to plan for you and your family. (1) Is decorating your home a big part of the festivities? (2) Then take Inventory of what you already have around the house before spending too much on additional decorations. (3) Perhaps you like to host an annual Thanksgiving dinner for family and friends. (4) my Thanksgiving dinner menus.  Think about what went well in previous years and expand on that success.

In the end, the holiday season should be about creating great memories with your friends and family. With a little bit of planning before the holidays hit, you’ll feel much more relaxed and excited to see this season arrive each year.

I don’t know about you, I am very exciting for all the upcoming festivities, please share your experience with us at

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