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Florida Home Buyers: The Best Summer Yet!


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Summer is a great time to get out of the house and enjoy the pretty weather. It doesn’t matter if you have a patio, balcony, or a large backyard, get outside and create some great summer memories! Here is a quick list to get you thinking about enjoying the great outdoors!


Photo Credit: Meg Itoh-Loafy Music VA Services

Gardening – Ok, this isn’t my strongest attribute, but we’ve had everything from a large garden to one of those upside-down hanging tomato plants. Every summer we grow some homegrown vegetables and in the process my family has enjoyed tending to the garden (except fighting with insects).

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Photo Credit: Meg Itoh-Loafy Music VA Services

Cookouts – In the summer, any reason is a good reason to have a cookout! Whether it’s a holiday, a weekend get-together, or even a weekday dinner, cooking out on the grill is a super way to keep the house cool and hang out in the pretty summer air.

Water balloons, water slides, or pool time – Almost everyone likes to cool off when the temperature rises! Get outside and have fun in your pool if you have one, grab some water balloons, or even run through the sprinklers!


Photo Credit: Meg Itoh-Loafy Music VA Services

Light up the night– Make summer nights magical with outdoor candles, roasting marshmallows over a campfire, or running around with sparklers! Maybe you’re in an area where you can catch a few lightning bugs. Overall, summer is a great time to light up the night!

The best part of summer is creating fun memories, so take it outside and make this the best summer yet!


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