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First Time Home Buyer? Don’t Panic Just Break It Down On Paper

When it comes to buying your first home, it may seem a bit overwhelming! With so many decisions to make and papers to sign as a first time home buyer, I remember feeling like I was in over my head. From looking at several homes a day to trying to remember which ones I liked, I began to think that I may need to get a bit organized.

The great thing about any large undertaking like buying a home is that you can always break it down into smaller tasks. Perhaps your first task is to write down everything that you’d like in a home. Be specific on paper, but also be flexible when looking at houses. When my family was looking for our first home, I started looking through real estate magazines and searching on the internet to see what was available in our area.

Then I took my list, matched it with several possible homes.  As we visited several neighborhoods and houses, I kept notes. How was the neighborhood? Was the house in good shape? Did the description in the magazine match the actual home? Was there anything else I could add about this particular house? All these questions helped narrow down our list.

In the end, the process of narrowing down all of the choices brought us to our perfect first home. What at first seemed like a gigantic project quickly became an accomplishment when I broke it down into smaller manageable steps!

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