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Bird House Tips

Tall Bird HouseIf you love to watch birds, then buying a bird house for your property is a great addition. Not only will you attract birds to your home, you’ll also be providing a safe haven for your new feathered friends. While bird house designs can range from very simple houses to extremely complex masterpieces, you still need to look for the following details when purchasing a bird house.
1. Solid Construction – If you want your bird house to last for more than one year, then pay a little more for a well-built bird house. In addition, poorly constructed bird houses aren’t very safe for the bird families.

2. Non-toxic materials – Confirm that the bird house is free from harmful chemicals that could hurt the birds.Wood Bird House Outdoor Garden

3. Drainage holes – Drainage holes are also important for bird safety. You can add these with a drill if you buy a bird house without any drainage holes.

4. Ventilation – Air will need to circulate through the bird house, so look for proper ventilation.

5. Easy to Clean – For your own peace of mind, finding a bird house that is easy to clean is also a good idea. This way, you’ll be able to routinely clean the bird house for new or return visitors.

Bird houses are a fun way to invite many different kinds of birds to your property. Once you find that perfect bird house, you’ll experience hours of pleasure as you watch your feathered friends make themselves at home!

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