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Bird House Project perfect for Springs

bird house projectDo you love Bird House ?  and did you know that different kinds of bird houses can actually attract different kinds of birds? Bird houses come in all shapes and sizes from a basic wooden box to beautiful decorative bird estates! As long as you find one with proper ventilation, drainage, and solid construction, you’ll be able to attract many different kinds of birds.

What if you’re trying to attract a certain kind of bird to your backyard? There are some specific designs of bird houses that will invite a certain kind of species to your property. For instance, blue bird houses are created to provide a nesting box with just the right entrance hole size and interior dimensions that appeal to blue birds. People who want to create a “blue bird trail” can even mount several of these specific blue bird houses in a row.

spring bird house Another popular bird house style is the purple martin bird house. Purple martins are unique because these birds will return to the same house every year. Wren houses are perfect for folks that like to hear wrens sing during their nesting season. Other species-specific bird house styles are made for woodpeckers, chickadees and owls.

As the saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together!” Take some time to decide what kind of birds you’d like to bring to your backyard to enjoy. You’ll not only have the satisfaction of watching your new bird friends, you’ll also be participating in an important conservation of a wildlife habitat!Gourd BirdHouse

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