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About Us

With a combined 30 years of real estate experience, HomePad Properties LLC., is an investment company focused on discovering and acquiring real estate assets in Brevard County, Florida. As we are not real estate brokerage and because we own the properties in question, we are able to provide buyers and sellers with an immediate decision. You never have to worry about going through a third party or waiting for a decision. We are the decision-makers. Our focus investments span the Central Florida region and include, but are certainly not limited to Orlando, Melbourne, Cocoa Beach, Palm Bay and Cape Canaveral.

Through the purchase and sale of residential properties in Florida, we are able to buy and hold our investments, opening the opportunity to provide rentals as well as property management services. This unique position also allows us the flexibility to customize terms for both buyers and sellers who may have unique needs. In addition, we are able to offer a hands-on management approach to all of our projects from beginning to end.

Whether you are interested in purchasing one of our properties or you are considering selling your house, what you can expect from HomePad Properties LLC. is a straightforward, hassle-free approach.

No matter what your situation may be, we will be happy to work with you to reach a fast cash sale of your home or help you to uncover real estate investment opportunities if you are interested in buying.

Although we are not real estate agents, we are always happy to work with real estate professionals.


Stephen Thomas

As the manager of Homepad Properties I over see the tenants and contractors hired for various tasks. Previously I worked in the same position for 7yrs with another company, I enjoyed the experience and yet I love Sunshine State, Florida. It was time for a change.

Real estate was something for many years I was looking to get into, then one day I decided to pursue and made it my third career change into real estate field. With my years of superintendent experience working with a large company is serving me well by meeting and fulfill daily tasks and different challenges. One of the most rewarding parts is when I am able to offer joyous tenants the chance of owning their dream home.

Although my job is very demanding and time consuming my off time is spent relaxing, walking, cycling and I love to studying different aspects of real estate. I am also amazed at what nature has to offer us in the way of healing.