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Spring Cleaning Tips – Part 2

So you’ve tackled some of your spring cleaning, but you’re only halfway there. Here are some additional tips to help you complete the job! 1) Area Rugs – Area rugs really only need to be deep-cleaned every five years or so. If you do need to … [Read more]

Spring Cleaning Tips – Part 1

Are you ready to tackle your spring cleaning with gusto? Even though there can be a lot to do to get your home in tip-top shape, the end result is more than worth it. Here are a few tips to guide you through this annual project. 1) Stainless … [Read more]

Bird House Project perfect for Springs

Do you love Bird House ?  and did you know that different kinds of bird houses can actually attract different kinds of birds? Bird houses come in all shapes and sizes from a basic wooden box to beautiful decorative bird estates! As long as you find … [Read more]

Moving to new home soon? moving Tips Part 2

Move to new home ? with your moving day approaching quickly, tell yourself not to panic! Now’s the time to stick to your action plan and get things done before any deadlines you have set. Depending on the size of your current home and the size of the … [Read more]

Time to Move ? moving Tips Part 1

Whenever it’s time to move into another home, I always feel excited and a bit overwhelmed at the same time. All the specific details of the move and the knowledge that I need to pack everything up again begins swimming around in my brain. Truthfully, … [Read more]

Avoiding the Hassles by Selling to an Investor

In some instances you wondering what do you mean selling to an investor?  Perhaps you are in the market to sell your house and you simply may not have the luxury of waiting until the right buyer comes along to purchase your home. There could be many … [Read more]